Our European nights – what makes them so special?

As a club we have had so many amazing nights, so many amazing stories to be told and passed on from generation to generation. Saturday 26th May 2018 could be the latest instalment where our dreams are realised. The latest chapter in the Klopp era.

Win against Real Madrid

Winning against Real Madrid would truly be an amazing achievement. Putting us where we belong back amongst the top 3 successful European teams. What a season it will have been! Champions League winners…..should that happen then you do have to say that it really is down to Jurgen Klopp. Our 12th man.

How lucky are we to have him at the helm. The charismatic German making the correct decisions, look what he’s done with people like Alexander-Arnold and Robertson this season. What an improvement in Firmino – now we have a world class striker. Not only that, but the inclusion of Salah has been simply phenomenal.

Klopp has inspired our players to commit to every 50/50 ball, play with every ounce of energy they have.

When he came to Liverpool he said his first task was to turn “doubters into believers”.

Reaching the Champions League Final makes me a believer again.

Over the years we have enjoyed so many fantastic nights. So many nights that are full of emotion, tension and tears.

Tears of joy and tears of would have been….

2007 I believed it would have been no.6

26th May is a European night, the European night. The night when 11 warriors will take to the pitch to potentially be crowned Kings of Europe.

European nights are an occasion

They are an occasion – an evening when most of Europe sit back and watch. Wishing and dreaming it were them. It’s my chance to dream.

For all those reasons European Nights are so special.

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