The moment the momentum of the final swung into Real Madrid’s favour

You’ll never walk alone was singing out loud amongst the sea of Reds. Hope was in our hearts of what could be.

Could we actually go all the way and top what has been a good season?

Yes this squad is in a transition period, yes most of us never actually thought we’d be in the final, but as we advanced through the rounds so did our hope that we could go one further and add to our superb five and make it six!

We had to shackle Real Madrid, the professional unit who are used to winning.

Looking at our bench and comparing it to theirs you knew we had to get it right from the start, let’s be honest we had no Plan B. No one of Gareth Bale’s calibre to come off the bench and win the game.

Our usual high tempo was there, pinning back the Twelve Times European Champions. At times you could see the terror in their eyes, we weren’t afraid. Salah was stretching our attacking line ensuring Madrid’s back four never had much time on the ball. Harassment, pressing and hounding them into making a mistake.

All was going well until Ramos’ tangle with Salah who well awkwardly. Replays suggest Ramos was attempting to compile an audition tape for MMA.

Credit to Salah, he attempted to shake off the injury, however a dislocated shoulder is almost impossible to ‘shake off’. Moments later we witnessed scenes that had all Liverpool fans with their hearts in their mouths. Salah being withdrawn from the field.

Sadly no Plan B. No one with experience or expertise on the bench to step forward and become the hero. We had no ‘Gareth Bale.’

We were exposed, we were caught out for all of Europe to see. We are a thin squad devoid of any depth. We were punching above our weight to even be in the final. Yes on our day we can beat anyone, this wasn’t our day. It wasn’t even our week!! The momentum had now swung into Real Madrid’s favour.

The rest, well we all know what happened. Next year we will be more prepared. We will have more strength in depth. We will go all over again.

The squad is Klopp’s squad, its clear to see he’s in as much pain as the fans.

Restock, strengthen and go again.

But and this is important, be very proud of how far we’ve come this season.

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